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Hope for the Hopeless

by Linda Sasso

“Receive the Holy Spirit” It today’s text (John 20:1-23) the resurrected Christ restores hope to His hopeless disciples then commissions them to a special mission. Jesus never gives us an assignment without equipping us to succeed. Jesus breathes on His disciples and imparts the Holy Spirit causing them to be born again. Soon in the […]

Five People Who “Came Out” Because of the Crucifixion

by Linda Sasso

Nicodemus – A high-ranking religious leader who once came to Jesus under the cover of night to investigate the identity of the One many claimed to be the Messiah. (John 3:1; 7:50) He remained undercover, perhaps a secret believer. But something pushed him out into the light the day Jesus was crucified. (John 19:39-40) Joseph […]

Prophesies Foretold His Coming

by Linda Sasso

Jesus fulfilled over 100 Old Testament prophecies of what the coming Jewish Messiah would do and be like. As a matter of fact 28 prophecies were fulfilled at Jesus’ crucifixion alone. Here are just a few… Bible Prophecy: Psalm 41:9 says, “Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted […]