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The Greatest Event in World History

by Linda Sasso

 The resurrection of Christ was the most significant event in all history! The resurrection of Christ is what set Jesus apart from all others “…and declared to be the Son of God with power according to the Spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead.” Romans 1:4 Because of the crucifixion we can be […]

Fulfilled Prophecy on Palm Sunday

by Linda Sasso

 Today we will look at the powerful reality of fulfilled prophecy from the prophet Daniel who was given a vision of the history of the world over 600 years before Christ. We will study this prophecy in depth this morning. Today’s text can be deep and complicated. So as to break it down more simply […]

“The First Complaint in the First Church”

by Linda Sasso

 There comes a time in every great move of God when it seems that the honeymoon is over. The early church had experienced such great things as the power of Pentecost and the mighty signs and wonders through the hands of the Apostles. Next, the church was tested with threats and persecution, yet the Gospel prevailed. […]

The Persistence of the Apostles

by Linda Sasso

 In spite of threats, arrests and beatings the Apostles persevered against all opposition because of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Face to face with the most powerful and influential religious leaders of their day, Peter and the rest of the apostles refused to back down from obeying their lord’s […]