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The First Christian Martyr

by Linda Sasso

Today we complete Stephen’s message to the Jewish leaders. We’ve learned so much as the Holy Spirit spoke mightily through Stephen. His message was not well received however and in the end the Jewish religious leaders put Stephen to death. But the scriptures don’t word the story that way. Acts 7 concludes with: “Lord, do not […]

The Holy Spirit Spoke Through Moses

by Linda Sasso

As we continue to study Stephen’s message to the leading Jewish authorities of his time we see the Holy Spirit points out that even their greatest hero, Moses pointed to the coming of Jesus. “This is that Moses who said to the children of Israel, ‘The LORD your God will raise up for you a […]

Grasping Your Spiritual History

by Linda Sasso

 (Acts 7:1-8) Today we take a close look at the beginnings of Stephen’s discourse before the Jewish religious leaders. Stephen had become well known for preaching the Gospel with such power that the Jewish leaders could not resist his wisdom and Spirit (Acts 6:10). So in order to silence him, false witnesses were brought in […]

Full of Grace, Faith and Power

by Linda Sasso

 In today’s text (Acts 6:8-15) we see what God can do through a person with a heart for Him when he is full of grace and faith. Stephen will soon become the first Christian martyr. Yet before his death he leaves his mark permanently in the pages of our bibles as an example of how […]