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Your Works vs God’s Work

by Linda Sasso

When you get right down to it, what gets you into heaven? What saves a person from their sins and gives them eternal life? The answer, of course, is not a “what” but a “Who”.  Some would erroneously think the “who” is “you”. But nothing would be further from the truth. In today’s text, the […]

Spiritual Peer Pressure

by Linda Sasso

Today’s text (Galatians 2:11-21) gives an account of a rare moment in church history when one apostle publicly rebuked another. We learn many important lessons from this story. We learn of the power of negative peer pressure. We learn that even the spiritual giants can do wrong sometimes. We learn the importance of standing up […]

The Danger of Spiritual Compromise

by Linda Sasso

In the Apostle Paul’s day, just like today, religious people tried to change the Gospel by adding rules and requirements. The first Christians were Jews. So naturally, one of the first questions that came up was, “Do you have to become a Jew before you can become a Christian?” Those who believed this to be […]

Who Are You trying to Impress

by Linda Sasso

In today’s text, the Apostle Paul makes the important point that you can either live to please God or you can live to please people. You can’t do both. Paul, in his explanation of why he was preaching the gospel, reveals many important facts…  “For am I now trying to win the favor of people, […]

Not from Man nor Through Man

by Linda Sasso

As we begin our study in the book of Galatians it’s important that we understand that truth is not abstract or changeable. There is truth and there is untruth. Many people today believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth and that conflicting religious beliefs can be equally accepted as credible. This is […]