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An Unconventional Messiah

by Mike Sasso

Truth be known, Jesus wasn’t following the pattern the Jews expected the Messiah to follow. Instead of overthrowing the Romans and establishing a Jewish rule of government, Jesus was teaching love and forgiveness and showing mercy towards those the Jewish leaders would normally condemn. Jesus even spoke against the religious leaders openly correcting their scriptural […]

The Least in God’s Kingdom

by Mike Sasso

Most of us are aware of Jesus’ teachings on who the greatest in God’s Kingdom is. God’s priorities and values make the world’s priorities and values look upside down because they are. Jesus said things like…  “You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over […]

Matters of Faith, Doubt & Unbelief

by Mike Sasso

Today’s text shows us a prominent man of faith, John the Baptist, actually having doubts about Jesus. After all he had known and experienced concerning Jesus being the Messiah, he now finds himself struggling in a dark prison and things aren’t going the way he thought they would at the arrival of the Messiah. So, he sends […]

Jesus’ Passions, Values and Priorities

by Mike Sasso

The more we study the life of our Savior, the more we understand what matters to Him. As you read today’s text it becomes clear that what matters most to Jesus is people. He loves and cares for people! And He values and is even “amazed” at people’s faith in Him. Look for these two […]