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Let’s Keep it, “All About Jesus”

by Mike Sasso

Brethren, I want to remind you during these trying times to keep your eyes on Jesus. It’s so easy with all the conspiracy theories and rebellion against everything from the government to masks, to get caught up in a fight you ought not to involve yourself in. Keep your eyes on Jesus my brethren. When […]

Casting Out Demons

by Mike Sasso

It goes without saying that demonic spirits are no match for the Holy Spirit of God. But that being said, demons are indeed very powerful and able to control and enslave individuals whom they possess. In our study today we will see both Jesus’ clear power and authority over demons and the demon’s ability to […]

He’s a Good, Good Father

by Mike Sasso

In today’s text, we see Jesus making a comparison between the compassion of human beings and God’s compassion, between a human father’s love and our heavenly Father’s love for us. Notice how Jesus compares from the lesser to the greater. Take note of the implications Jesus is making of how good our God and Father […]