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How to be Ready to Meet the Lord

by Mike Sasso

The coming of the Messiah into this world was a truly amazing event. His coming changed our world forever. God literally became flesh and dwelt among us! He taught us His ways. He showed us God’s way. Then by His death, burial, and resurrection, He made a way for us all to be saved from […]

A Nation in Crisis

by Mike Sasso

Everyone with an eye for current events can see that our nation is in crisis. Our country is divided. And even Christ’s Church is experiencing division and persecution. What we need today is another spiritual revival. When King Solomon dedicated his great Temple to the LORD, God blessed him and made him some very special […]

God’s Remedy for Our Worries

by Mike Sasso

So many people today are full of stress and anxiety. The pharmaceutical industry is making a killing selling drugs to help people “manage” their stress. And that’s the best the world can offer you. The experts advise you on how to “manage” your stress and anxieties. But Jesus offers us God’s remedy for stress. If we […]