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When Will Jesus Set Up His Eternal Kingdom?

by Mike Sasso

This question arose from a question asked of Jesus by the Pharisees. It was actually a cynical question because Jesus claimed to be the Messiah and in the pharisee’s mind, the Messiah was supposed to usher in God’s Eternal Kingdom. (Daniel 7:13-14; Isaiah 9:7) In essence, the Pharisees were asking, “So Jesus, when are you […]

The Coming of the Kingdom of God

by Mike Sasso

Today’s text touches on several important themes. But the one overall theme is the Kingdom of God. What will God’s kingdom look like? When will it come? As we study the scriptures, we discover that most questions like this have layers of answers and cannot be answered simply. For instance, the Old Testament promised that […]

Love, Forgiveness and Faith

by Mike Sasso

It is all connected you know. Christian love, forgiveness and faith are intimately woven together. The Christian faith is all about Jesus. But Jesus is all about love and forgiveness and faith in Him. If you have faith in Jesus, you will embrace and obey His teachings. And He definitely teaches us to love one […]

Christian Faith, Humility and Duty

by Mike Sasso

How are these three topics tied together? Actually, these three topics are as inseparable as faith, hope and love. One who truly has faith in Christ and has been born again will take on a new nature, a divine nature, and will know humility. Because humility comes from knowing Who God is and knowing who […]

God’s Ways are Not Our Ways

by Linda Sasso

In today’s “cancel culture” world, are there things that can cancel us out spiritually? Do the decisions, choices and actions we perform in this life not only affect us spiritually but eternally? Read today’s text: Luke 16:18-31. Today’s message covers two very important topics in God’s eyes. God’s view of divorce. Christ’s teachings on life […]