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The Christian and Tribulation

by Mike Sasso

In today’s text we begin to explore what Jesus told His disciples about the future far and near. Jesus gave clear warnings of their personal coming persecution as well as the signs of the end times and His return. Many Christians differ on the exact timing of it all. But our purpose is not to […]

Looking for Jesus’ Return

by Mike Sasso

Today’s text begins a long, in-depth look at Jesus’ answer to His disciple’s questions about the end times and His ultimate rule. The study of end times was as confusing then as it is now. There are many differing opinions among true believers on this topic. There is no other topic in scripture that creates more excitement […]

Upside-Down Religion

by Mike Sasso

Today’s story is short but powerful. True, it is a picture of sacrificial giving. But it is also a picture of twisted priorities and upside-down religion. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a good story. It is a sad story. Today’s text… While Jesus was in the Temple, he watched the rich people dropping their […]

The Truth About the False

by Mike Sasso

In today’s culture of tolerance and acceptance of all people, we must remember what Jesus taught us about right and wrong. There is a right and wrong just as sure as there is a north and south. There is a true and a false. This is seen in all the sciences as well as the […]