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Those Troubling Voices

by Mike Sasso

We all must contend with many dissenting voices in our lives today. Voices telling us what to do, what not to do, what is right, what is wrong. How do we know which voices to listen to? This is the problem Pontius Pilate contended with in today’s text (Luke 23:13-25)   For your personal study, the […]

Today’s Complete Timeline from the Merged Gospels

by Mike Sasso

#271. Jesus is Sent to Pilate – MT 27:1-2, MK 15:1, LK 23:1, JN 18:28 And it was when the early morning had come, all the chief priests, and the elders of the people and scribes, and the whole council immediately took counsel against Jesus, to put Him to death. Then the whole body of them […]

The World on Trial

by Mike Sasso

Today, we read of Jesus being tried by the religious leaders of His day. But it was they who were on trial. As the saying goes, “If you wrongly judge Christ, He will rightly judge you.” God sent His Son into the world to take our judgment upon Himself that we might not be judged. […]

Learning From Peter’s Mistakes

by Mike Sasso

Today we will focus upon Peter’s denial of Christ after Jesus’ arrest. Here is the story from all the Gospels from “The Merged Gospels”. MT 26:57a, 26:69-75, MK 14:54c-d, 14:66-72, LK 22:55-62, JN 18:17-18, 18:24-27  (Location – The courtyard of the house of Annas, Passover, 30 AD.) Now the slaves and the officers were standing […]

A Kiss, a Cut and a Capture

by Mike Sasso

Below is today’s text combined with all four Gospels taken from the Merged Gospels… #266. Jesus is Arrested – MT 26:47-56, MK 14:43-53a, LK 22:47-54a, JN 18:2-14 (Location – Gethsemane, Passover, 30 AD.) And immediately, while He was still speaking, behold the one called Judas, one of the twelve, came along, accompanied by a great […]