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God has Spoken

by Mike Sasso

If you could talk to God in a real and meaningful way, would you? If you could clearly hear His voice and receive guidance for your life, would you listen? Today’s text teaches us that God has indeed spoken. He has spoken in many times in many ways recorded in scripture. He has spoken through […]

Our Future Upgrade

by Mike Sasso

Our motto at Calvary Chapel of Eagle is, “It’s all about Jesus”. But today, we are studying all about what the resurrected body will be like. We know that ours will be like Jesus’ resurrected body. So, today’s study reveals much.  For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the […]

The Women Discover the Empty Tomb

by Mike Sasso

Read a portion of today’s text from the Merged Gospels. (The resurrection account from all four Gospels without leaving out a word) The Women Approach the Tomb MT 28:1, MK 16:1-4, LK 24:1-2, JN 20:1-2 Now after the Sabbath was over, on the first day of the week, and very early, while it was still […]

It’s All About the Resurrection

by Mike Sasso

The well-known motto of Calvary Chapel of Eagle is, “It’s all about Jesus”. But in today’s message we are going to zero in on one of the most important things Jesus did. He rose from the dead! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is what establishes a clear distinction between Jesus Christ and every other religious […]