Fathers are important role models. What kind of role model are you?

Today’s text (Acts 9:10-30) introduces us to three men worth imitating.

First we see Saul, an intense man who was headed the wrong direction and doing great harm to the church. He imprisoned Christians and even had some put to death. But when Christ appeared to him and gave him revelation of the truth Saul made a 180 degree turn and went from being one of the greatest enemies of Christianity to one of its greatest allies.

Next we see Ananias. This man had no office in the church. He was just identified as “a certain disciple” (Acts 9:10) But because he listened to God’s voice and obeyed the Lord he was instrumental in pointing Saul in the right direction, assisting him in his first steps towards knowing and serving Christ.

Finally, we see Barnabas (Acts 9:27). Barnabas’ name means, “son of consolation”. When everyone was afraid of Saul and refused to trust him, Barnabas was willing tossup out in faith and take Saul under his wing. Barnabas even introduced Saul to the Apostles and eventually Paul was numbered among them.

You are a role model. You are either a good role model of a bad role model. You are an example. You are either a good example or a bad example.

Consider the example of these three men and determine in your heart that you will learn from their lives. Be intense for God like the Apostle Paul. Listen to God’s voice and obey it like Ananias. Be and encourager who lovingly takes others under his wing like Barnabas. Even if your father was not the best example for you, break the pattern. Start godly traditions and build a legacy of faith in your home. Pray with your wife and children and model true Christianity in your words and deeds.

Happy Father’s Day. You have a lot on your shoulders. May God grant you much grace to be the father and role model He has called you to be.

Pastor Mike